Book by its Cover


How well do you know your Discworld Novel Covers?

What if you were up against the clock and it was shown to you piece by piece?!

Fingers against buzzers for another fun-filled game schemed up by our own GamesMistress!!

This game will be played in two rounds
Contestants guess the name of the book but there is a twist! The main portion of the cover is obscured in sections. Sections are removed one by one. The faster a contestant guesses the more points they earn. The first panel is removed after 5 seconds and each subsequent panel 5 seconds later.
Starter points:
• = 4
• = 3
• = 2
• = 1

Round 2
This is the quickfire round. The book cover will be shown with just the title obscured.First person on the buzzer gets to answer the question.
1 point for each correct answer

No prizes - Bragging rights only!!!