There Once Was a Barbarian Called Adrian...

Who made up his mind to compare a thing

He got a bit bored

So he played with his sword

And thus ends our tale of dear Adrian.

Genius!!!!! We are calling on all of our IDWCon attendees to submit entries to our 'Bad Poetry' competition. We are sure there are some gonnagles among us that could write poetry heinous enough to repel any Quin! As our example clearly shows - we are happy to cast the net wide on this one. The rules are simple:

  • It must be an original submission;
  • A Discworld theme would be nice;
  • The Limerick format (as in our example) is acceptable - but not necessary; 
  • You must submit it in writing - but a dramatic recording would also be appreciated (though optional);
  • Please include your badge name and number in your submission - you must be a member of IDWCon2021 to enter;
  • The cheesier the better!

Email all entries to before Monday 27th September Midnight Saturday October 2nd with 'Bad Poetry' in the subject line. The winner of this competition will receive a Cori Celestics Travel cup and an IDWCon2021 Membership Pack.