Ahhh the Traditional delight of the IDWCon Saturday evening!

I am always in awe of those who stand up proud and show off what true creativity looks like. For those who may not know, The Maskerade is a variety talent show whereby attendees take to the stage and perform/enact/recite their own take on any Discworld(ish!!) idea or interpretation. It is a sight to behold!!! So how are we going to do this online? Well, our Tech team are just crazy enough to suggest that we can keep this as close to the regular format as possible. That's right: We're Going to Ask You To Do This LIVE!!!! What could possibly go wrong!!?

As before, you must plan, prepare and practice your act before the event. We will hold rehearsals in the morning and then you will be asked to perform your talent from the comfort (or extreme discomfort!) of your own home in a once-off live performance for all to see! Our panel of judges will then adjudicate all entries and deem who can claim the coveted Maskerade Grand Prize!!! If you know your wifi cannot handle such an ordeal and/or you would much rather produce a pre-recorded piece, don't fret, we have a special category for pre-recorded pieces too. 

Whether pre-recorded or live, your performance must be less than 3 minutes in total and you should contact maskerade@idwcon.org to register interest or ask us what the hell we're thinking :) 

So if you are a Master, an Intermediary, a Novice, or if you're a 'not sure what this is all about but it sounds like fun so why not give it a go' type of person then please start planning how you would like to exhibit your love of all things Discworld to a fellow bunch of loonies who will cheer you along with love and support - and only laugh at the appropriate bits!

Some Specifics:

  • Whether pre-recorded live, please contact maskerade@idwcon.org asap to register your interest;
  • All pre-recorded entries must be submitted in-full before 19th September 2021;
  • Live performances must have a full-dress rehearsal with our tech team before the event. This will be recorded in case of technical difficulties on the night and if used, you will still be judged in the 'live' category;
  • If you wish to perform with another person - our tech wizzzards assure us this might be possible - but they need to speak to you. Contact u;
  • Numbers are limited, so please contact us asap and definitely before September 19th;

Please bear this technical advice in mind:


  • Film your video in landscape orientation, not in portrait.
  • Ideal are 1080p30 (1920x1080, Full-HD) or 720p30 (1280x720, HD)
  • Widescreen formats are OK as well.
  • Other common frame rates (25, 50, 60) are OK as well.
  • Please refrain from using 4K video as we will broadcast at 1080p and would downscale your video anyway.
  • We prefer H.264 video and CBR 320 kbit/s audio in MP4 container format.
  • If you have it, hold up a colour chart and white chart at the beginning of the video. We will cut this before broadcasting.
  • Clap your hands at the start of the video to synchronize audio and video.
  • We will cut this before broadcasting.


  • If possible use two or three light sources lighting your face. Place them to both sides and the top pointing down.
  • When using three lights, place the third light directly in front of you pointing down as well.
  • Check your video for dark or light spots and adjust your light sources as good as possible to even out the lighting.
  • Light your background either using the room lights or additional light sources pointed at the background at an angle either from the top or bottom.
  • Make sure other light sources do not over- or underexpose your face.
  • It is highly recommended to record indoors.


  • Use a clip on (lapel) microphone if you have it, alternatively use a headset.
  • If you must use a room microphone please make sure it does not pick up random noise.
  • Also make sure it is as close to you as possible.
  • When recording, disable fans and/or air conditioning.
  • It is highly recommended to record indoors.


  • Virtual Backgrounds are not allowed in live entries;
  • Set up a background that is as even as possible, single colour, no pattern.
  • Try to avoid a background colour that matches your costume or skin tone.
  • When using a green screen make sure it is as evenly lit as possible.
  • You can colour key your video or we can do this for you.
  • In the latter case you need to provide us with the background image to use, of course.

Any questions email maskerade@idwcon.org