Backspindle Games
Backspindle Games – David Brashaw and Leo Boyd, creators of the Discworld board games Guards! Guards! and Clacks.
Leo and David collaborated since the 90's to produce the Guards! Guards! board game, which after many years of revisions and updates was released in 2011. Since then, Backspindle Games has gone from strength to strength, including winning the UK Games EXPO ‘Best New Family Game Award’ for their game Luchador!. The 2015 IDWCon was the host of the official launch of their second Discworld boardgame, Clacks – which had artwork done by Amber, our former Con Artist!

David will be joining un online in 2021 with a look at the Clacks Collectors Editiong and a chance to win your very own copy of MourneQuest! See their programmed session for details!