Stephen Briggs
Stephen Briggs – Creator of Audiobooks, Plays, Mappes, Companions and more.
Stephen and Terry played together on Discworld for 25 years and had a lot of fun along the way. They built a city on a brownfield site, then mapped a world to put it onto. With nothing else to do with their spare time, they wrote the Companion, several diaries, another map and a cookbook. Stephen has also recorded more than thirty unabridged audio books for Isis, AudioGo & Random House (UK), and Harper Collins & Random House (US), winning several industry awards that he’s secretly very pleased with. It’s plays, though, that got him into Discworld, and he’s adapted, and published, around twenty Pratchett novels, which have been staged in more than 22 countries. Although he is still cheaper than Charles Dance and Jeremy Irons, his tragedy is that the only way he can get cast as Vetinari is to direct his own plays.