All weapons of any kind will be checked in with the committee at the Registration desk as soon as possible following hotel check-in. There are no exceptions to the “check weapons in with us” policy. Permission to wear or carry any weapons is conditional on the approval of the Watch, in conjunction with Committee, to whom all weapons should be brought. The Committee will have the Watch examine all weapons brought to their attention. Weapons will be kept by the committee in a designated area until required for the Maskerade or photo shoot. Weapons which have not been checked should not be brought into the hotel or common areas.

Determination of what constitutes a weapon is at the sole discretion of the Watch and Committee. People who disregard the weapons policy may have their Con membership revoked and be asked to leave the Convention.

Anyone who has ever witnessed a drunk person in costume happen upon a sword will appreciate why this policy is a good idea. Please help us help you to have a happy and safe Convention.