Memberships are sold as non-refundable. If a member discovers that they will be unable to attend, then they may sell their membership to another person as long as our memberships officer ( is notified of all of the details so that we can transfer the membership across to the new member, and no later than 28 days before the beginning of the convention. There are no physical membership 'tickets' so the only proof of membership is registration on our membership database.

We reserve the right to revoke membership for anyone acting against the terms and conditions, especially those of the Harassment and Decency, or Photography and Recording policies.

We are a family-friendly event however the Cadence Event Experience Platform is restricted to those over 18.  If a parent or guardian wants to watch with children, please use your parental discretion.  We cannot predict what might be said in live events, especially if a certain Cunning Artificer is talking.

Updated 01/09/2021