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The gods have called and it is time to answer them!
Memberships for the 7th Irish Discworld Convention are now on sale!

What is this membership of which we speak?

Membership is what you buy instead of a ticket and it gets you access to all of our online events and a chance to hang out with your fellow loonies fans in a virtual Discworldy environment.  You can take part in games and quizzes, chat with old friends and new, roam the virtual dealers, listen to or talk to our guests, or just sit back and take it all in if you prefer…all from the comfort of your own home.
We have scoured the world to find the best platform we can, and we are very happy with the results of our search.  We will be using the Cadence Event Experience platform.  We will do our best to recreate the friendly and social atmosphere you have come to expect from IDWCon. You’ll need to provide your own scumble though.

What types of Membership are there?

There are 2 types of membership for our online convention:

  • Full Membership – Price €30

This is the ‘gets you in and gives you access’ bit, plus a PDF commemorative booklet to help you prepare for the con and serve as a precious keepsake of the time you got smited (smote? smit?) by your god.* There will be 200 memberships available.

  • Full Membership + Membership pack – Price is €40 + P&P (calculated at checkout)

All the fun of the full membership plus:

  • commemorative booklet,
  • selection of button badges,
  • selection of stickers,
  • bookmark,
  • IDWCon pen and
  • highly collectible 'GNU Terry Pratchett' wristband in theme colours.

There are only 100 membership packs available, and they are unlikely to be available for sale as individual items later so snap one up early if you want to be sure you get one.  

*or not, your god might win!

How do I buy a Membership?

Right here on our very own site!  As soon as Memberships go live they will be available on this page.  Just choose the type of membership you want, and you can pay via Paypal or via credit/debit card through Stripe.

Please ensure that you are logged in and registered with the correct address and country beforehand so that the correct post & packaging charges can be calculated if you are opting for a membership + membership pack.

You will need to fill in your membership details (name, badge name and email) before you can add the membership to the shopping cart.

Even the gods have little control over taxes and customs so in the unlikely event that any customs duties are levied by your country when the goods arrive, they are your responsibility.

Can I also buy a Membership for somebody else?

Yes, you can.  You will need to add the first membership to the cart and then you can add more and pay for them all in one transaction.

Can Children attend the Con?

We are a family-friendly event however the Cadence Event Experience Platform is restricted to those over 18.  If a parent or guardian wants to watch with children please use your parental discretion.  We cannot predict what might be said in live events, especially if a certain Cunning Artificer is talking.

Do you have Terms & Conditions?

Yes, we do!  You will need to accept the IDWCon E-Commerce Terms and Conditions at the time of purchase of membership.  You will also need to accept the Cadence Terms and Conditions when you accept your invite to the platform. You can also read their Privacy Policy.  All of our policies are available on our website.

Yes! Yes! I must have a Membership…then what?

You will receive an email confirming your Membership and regular updates on all the plans we have afoot (or a claw if you worship Offler). Once your membership details have been processed by our team your Badge name and number will appear on our Membership List. A little closer to the con dates we will upload your basic membership details (name, email and badge name)  to our platform and you will receive a welcome email from them.  You will then be able to log in and play around on the platform.  You can share as much, or as little information in your profile as you wish.
Be more Io, and keep your eyes peeled for updates about the platform and content.

Can I choose what my badge name and number is?

You can choose your con name and you will be able to add that to your membership and add it on to your profile on our platform.  Your number will depend on the order of purchase.  One badge name/number will be assigned for each membership.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items