Theme! Theme! Theme!

Theme! Theme! Theme!

There you are enjoying a nice quiet night in when a voice booms forth from the heavens (or possibly the living room light fixture). And the voice says…

And Blind Io, greatest among the Gods looked down…

A second voice interrupts

Excuse me! I think that is overegging it, don’t you?

Fine, strongest of…

I don't think so!

Handsomest of…


How about first among equals?

Well, okay so

And Blind Io, the father of the Gods, first among equals, looked down from Cori Celesti and saw that all was good and all manner of things were good.

And he thought…about time we livened things up down there!


Cork International Hotel

Is proud to play host to

Cori Celestics

8th to 11th October 2021

The gods want to prove, once and for all, who the greatest god is. But why should they compete against one another when you can do that for them? 

Champions will be chosen, games will be played, great feats will be feated and feasted even! There will be tests of skill, knowledge and ingenuity to suit all ages and abilities.  

Do you have what it takes to put your god on top?  Are you quick or devious enough to avoid smiting?

May the gods be ever in your favour !